Your HVAC system can be a source of comfort during seasonal temperature changes, but it can also create some challenges. One of the most frustrating issues can be heating and AC efficiency, which can have a huge impact on your family’s budget. Another serious issue can be the management of indoor air quality in your Asheville, North Carolina, home, especially when you operate a central system that relies on ducts to deliver treated air. An excellent alternative is a ductless HVAC system, which can provide benefits in these and other areas of concern.

Ditch the Ducts for Better Efficiency

A ductless system can result in huge energy savings simply because of the elimination of ducts. A central system treats the air before moving it through an extensive network of ducts to cool or heat various areas of your home. Energy can be lost through the duct walls in the process. With leaks in this system, this energy loss can be amplified, accounting for as much as 40 percent of the heating or cooling energy being wasted. The direct delivery in a duct-free system can lead to better heating and AC efficiency and lower utility bills.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

In a duct-free system, you can enjoy zone-specific management of temperatures, which is wonderful in homes where there tend to be conflicts over thermostat settings during hot or cold weather. You can also benefit from zoned filtration as each room unit in this type of system has its own filter. Your treated air is not exposed to the dirt and dander that can often hide in the ducts of a central system. Meanwhile, the quiet operation of a mini-split system complements your home environment as you enjoy better comfort management without the loud mechanical noises associated with the cycling of a central system.

Learn More About Ductless Equipment

If you are concerned about whether a mini-split system is right for your home, we would be happy to meet to assess your situation and provide our expert insight about potential energy savings and other benefits. Read more about our duct-free solutions, or call Gentry Heating, Inc. at 828-581-4045 to schedule an appointment today.

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