When your air conditioner is not working correctly, you and your family can feel it right away.  Before you jump to conclusions, we offer some troubleshooting tips to help you determine what you can fix and what your local HVAC professional needs to repair.


Less Cool Air at the Registers

Do you notice reduced air output mostly during hot spells? If so, it may not be a fixable issue, since an air conditioner can only lower the indoor temperature about 15 to 20 degrees in comparison to the outdoor thermometer reading. Nonetheless, a gradual loss of cool air output that’s getting progressively worse is a cause for concern. Having your HVAC technician clean the evaporator coil may help, but this issue can also indicate you have oversized equipment that’s not cooling effectively.

No Cold Air at All

Severely restricted airflow through the system can sometimes cause a loss of cooling capabilities. If you haven’t replaced the air filter lately, it may be badly clogged. Cleaning the outdoor condenser coil with the garden hose can sometimes help as well, as can clearing away tall vegetation or other obstructions from around the unit. If you don’t see immediate improvement, have a professional check the compressor and refrigerant level.

The Condenser Suddenly Quits

First, try adjusting the thermostat setting back five degrees. If the condenser doesn’t start up, make sure the unit is plugged in and getting power. If so, check the main electrical panel and inside the blower compartment for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. If the condenser’s still unresponsive, it may be due to a bad motor or failed compressor, so call for professional help.

Repeated On and Off Cycling

If you’re still using a manual thermostat, you can try lengthening the cooling cycle by adjusting the heat anticipator. Cleaning the air conditioner coils may also help, but if not, a professional diagnosis may uncover an issue that’s affecting airflow across the coiling coil or let you know the air conditioner is too large for your home.

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