Is it time to replace your aging central air conditioning system with a more energy-efficient unit? Fortunately for homeowners living in Asheville, North Carolina, there are plenty of options to choose from, including a ductless HVAC system.

What to Consider in a Single-Zoned Ductless HVAC System

A single-zoned ductless HVAC system allows you to control the temperature of one room within your home. This room might be a converted garage or a new addition. The outdoor and indoor units in a ductless HVAC system don’t connect via ductwork.

Instead, a service technician will connect the units during an installation by using cables and a refrigerant line through a small hole in the wall. As a result, a ductless installation can be completed in as little as a few hours.

Here are the benefits of installing a single-zoned ductless HVAC system:

  • Save money by delivering conditioned air directly without worrying about leaky ductwork.
  • Avoid the need to invest in professional duct cleaning or pay for duct repairs.
  • Apply for tax credits and utility rebates for even more savings.

What to Consider in a Multi-Zoned Ductless HVAC System

A multi-zoned ductless HVAC system also connects an outdoor unit to an indoor unit. But there’s one major difference: a service technician can connect the outdoor unit to multiple indoor units. This offers you the ability to create different temperature zones and manage various comfort settings in your home. As a result, everyone in your household feels comfortable.

Here are the benefits of installing a multi-zoned ductless HVAC system:

  • Cool one zone of your home while simultaneously heating another zone.
  • Keep your family happy by letting each person customize his or her comfort.
  • Reduce your impact on the environment by installing a system that uses R410A refrigerant instead of R-22.

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