Finally, winter is behind us and the summer months are approaching. When you turned on your air conditioner, it made a hissing sound and instead of cool air, warm air came out of the vent. Without consulting with a qualified technician, you do not know if it is a major or minor problem, or your air conditioner may need refrigerant. Schedule an appointment with Gentry Heating Inc., serving Arden, NC and the surrounding area, to repair or tune up your system. 

If the air conditioner requires more refrigerant, be sure to ask the technician to use an eco-friendly alternative to Freon such as Puron. Refrigerants that deplete the protective ozone layer also form toxic gases that contribute to global warming. 

Freon or R-22

In July 2010, the United States initiated a ban on Freon use because it depletes the Earth’s ozone layer. In addition, manufacturers cannot produce, sell, or import Freon. Further, there will be a phasing out of Freon used in air conditioners. By January 1, 2020, the Montréal Protocol requires a reduction in R-22 use by 99.5% below the U.S. baseline. Because of this, the refrigerant will be harder to find and will be more expensive. 

Puron or R-410A

After the 2010 ban, it was determined that Puron was a safer alternative. Using refrigerants such as Puron is better for use in your air conditioner and it does not destroy the Earth’s ozone layer. At this time, Puron is one of the safer refrigerant alternatives to use in air conditioning equipment. 

At Gentry Heating Inc., we are committed to providing improved indoor air quality for your family and using alternative refrigerants such as Puron instead of Freon. We will repair, service, and install an air conditioner in your Arden, NC home, and if you need it, we have 24/7 emergency repair.

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