Commercial HVAC needs can range dramatically. Installations are unique from one setting to another, and it’s important to have an expert on your team so that proper tools and techniques are used in the placement of your equipment. However, the involvement of an HVAC contractor in the process begins with the design phase and continues beyond the final inspection with options for maintenance and repairs.

Commercial HVAC Needs Can Vary

The variation in usage for different types of commercial facilities means that each job is unique. It’s helpful for a contractor to provide input during the design phase of a new facility so that new technologies and equipment choices can be discussed. In many cases, the contractor doesn’t become involved until designs are completed and construction is in process. Nevertheless, it’s helpful to have an expert in the HVAC field on the job to ensure that proper installation is performed according to local building codes.

Factors a Contractor Must Consider

There are several areas of concern that a contractor needs to keep in mind during your commercial equipment installation. These include:

  • Timing – a contractor must work in a timely way to ensure that deadlines are met
  • Budget – it’s important to bid accurately so that a business can adequately plan for the related costs
  • Code – thorough attention to detail is essential as inspections will be made to ensure that there is compliance with building codes

The Role of the HVAC Design Team

A heating and cooling contractor’s design department works with the general contractor to help with selection of the best equipment options for the facility. In some cases, rooftop units are ideal. In other cases, indoor self-contained units may be warranted. The team provides HVAC expertise while the general contractor provides structural feedback to ensure that the customer receives the best equipment for the facility.

Establishing a Relationship with Your Heating and Cooling Company

Your commercial facility’s equipment will serve your needs for many years to come, but parts can wear out over time. A relationship with a reputable contractor will allow your equipment to be serviced knowledgeably as needs arise. A maintenance plan is helpful for keeping your system optimized, ensuring that little problems are addressed before they can lead to emergencies. It’s also helpful to have a professional on your side who will handle emergency repair needs quickly and efficiently should they arise.

Gentry Heating has provided a wide variety of commercial and residential services to the Hendersonville, NC community for more than 50 years. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are trained to design and install systems from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that you can have exceptional equipment and performance from your system. We are efficient at commercial HVAC installations, and we are happy to meet with your contractor to discuss options regarding your project.  Please call us for an appointment today.

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