As a North Carolina business owner, the comfort of your employees and customers is a primary concern. Healthy employees are more productive. When customers enter your establishment, the overall ambience is part of the way they evaluate your business. A properly functioning heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is vital to the health and comfort of employees and customers. A commercial HVAC system must be able to remove humidity, control temperature and keep the indoor air clean. It all adds up to a healthy, comfortable indoor environment.

Indoor Comfort

A qualified HVAC contractor will take into account a number of factors that affect indoor comfort. An improperly sized unit will not perform properly. Drafts, hot spots, poor humidity control and poor ventilation are a few of the problems that may occur. Proper installation requires attention to all elements of the system including refrigeration charges, unit size, placement of components and duct design.

Meeting Special Needs

In some instances, special systems are needed to isolate areas within a building. Buildings such as hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing areas or restaurants may require zoned controls for different activity areas. Public spaces such as shopping malls and schools require different types of systems. Gentry Heating, Inc. works closely with engineering and design teams to properly integrate the HVAC system into the building design to meet these needs.

Maintenance and Support

After installing a new unit, it is important to keep it running smoothly. If your system stops working, it affects productivity. Gentry Heating, Inc. provides routine repairs, preventive maintenance and 24-hour emergency service for commercial HVAC equipment.

About Gentry Heating, Inc.

Gentry Heating, Inc. is a family-owned business and has served residential and commercial clients in Hendersonville for more than 50 years. We design, install, repair and maintain commercial and residential HVAC systems. Because each business has its own unique needs, our NATE certified technicians spend time with you to understand the comfort and budget needs of your establishment.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we adhere to stringent technological, professional and customer satisfaction requirements to maintain this prestigious designation. We also install and service all makes and models of commercial HVAC equipment, including split systems, heat pumps, rooftop units and packaged units. We have 24-hour emergency service and provide preventive maintenance services that help keep your unit operating efficiently.

If you feel that your commercial HVAC system is not performing properly, call 828-581-4045 to talk to one of our service technicians. We can help you evaluate your heating and cooling needs.

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