AC rebates can help pay for the cost and installation of a new HVAC system. Rebates are offered by manufacturers, dealers and by the government.  This is providing you purchase and install certain qualifying models. High efficiency models and those with the Energy Star certification most often qualify. These models will also save money on the utility bill.

The initial cost of the units may be higher than other models. Make notes when comparing models; write the amount of the AC rebates down. Also write down how much energy each model saves. To save money on the utility bill, the unit must also be maintained on a routine basis. This will provide the best indoor air quality for the occupants. Maintaining the ducting system will also help lower the energy bills while providing the highest quality air.

You can use the AC rebates to purchase Energy Star certified appliances. This will also save money on the energy bill. Some appliances may qualify for tax rebates such as water heaters. You are re-investing your money to save more. In turn, you use less energy that has to be generated with fossil fuels. This helps the environment for everybody.

Gentry Heating, Inc. in Brevard, NC, can help you select the right HVAC system for your home. The technician can help you fill out the paperwork for AC rebates. He or she can help you find a unit with the highest SEER rating so you can save money all year long. Do not forget to ask about a maintenance contract that includes the ducting system. Contract customers receive discounts on parts and labor for repairs and priority scheduling in an emergency.

Gentry Heating, Inc. in Brevard, NC, has the expertise and reputation of quality service to their customers. They are ready to serve you all year long.

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