Spring cleaning is a popular routine for a reason. After months of sealing your home against the chilly weather outside, you have a stale space that’s begging for a breath of fresh air. As you’re cleaning your home for the coming season, freshen up your air as well. Addressing indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Flat Rock, North Carolina, home will help you breathe easier. As a result, you’ll enjoy a healthier home environment.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

You should schedule an annual air conditioner tune-up every spring. It’s best to book this visit before you begin using your air conditioner for the season. During your maintenance appointment, our service technicians will thoroughly clean your unit, inside and out. This helps you banish the buildup of dust, dander and other irritants that can accumulate in your system. A maintenance visit will also help to lower your energy bills.

Change Your System’s Filter for Better IAQ

Change the filter in your HVAC system at least once every three months. If you have allergy and asthma sufferers in your home, increase the frequency to once a month. Keep a stockpile of clean filters on hand so you can mark your calendar and always make this quick swap on time. As a result, you’ll improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and help prevent poor IAQ.

Install a Quality Air Cleaner

An air cleaner can take your home’s IAQ to the next level. The Infinity Air Purifier GAPA captures as much as 95 percent of all pathogens down to 0.3 microns in size. The system is effective against 13 pathogens, including influenza, streptococcus and the common cold. Installed directly in your HVAC system, this product will filter all of the air that passes through your air conditioner. As a result, it’ll pull out a significant number of allergens and irritants so you can breathe more comfortably in your home.

If you’re ready to enjoy cleaner air this spring, our team at Gentry Heating, Inc. can help. Give us a call at 828-581-4045 to learn more about the IAQ options available for your home.

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