If your home in Asheville, North Carolina is sealed so tight that you have ventilation issues, Gentry Heating, Inc. can help. We are a heating and air conditioning company in Asheville that is dedicated to finding practical solutions for your HVAC problems. In exchange for greater energy efficiency, some Asheville homes have to compromise on ventilation quality. This occurs when the homes are so well insulated that the heat literally has nowhere to go. That heat turns into humidity and then turns into moisture and mold. Fortunately, there are both air conditioning and heating products that can resolve common issues with ventilation.

Your air conditioning system can process heat better when it receives regular maintenance. This helps it to be as efficient as possible in removing humidity and moisture from the air. You also want to ensure that the filter on your air conditioner is clean. An air filter that is weighed down with dirt and other household debris can’t process the heat that enters into it very effectively. Additionally, you may wish to purchase products to aid your air conditioning system in doing its job. An air conditioning service technician can discuss dehumidifiers, air purifiers, room ventilation systems and other helpful devices to keep the air in your home moving.

When it comes to ventilation problems with your furnace, we at Gentry Heating, Inc. recommend having an inspection and cleaning performed annually. It may be that your furnace is consuming too much of the inside air and not enough outdoor air. For maximum energy efficiency, this process should be reversed. If you have an older home, your furnace may be vented through the chimney. The problem arises here when the coating around the chimney begins to break down and prevent proper ventilation. Regardless of your specific furnace problem, our service technicians can fix it.

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