There are few things more annoying than an air conditioner that leaves you sweating and uncomfortable even when it’s running at full blast. Hot and humid summers put cooling systems to the test. While air conditioning systems are engineered to remove moisture as well as heat from the air, there are numerous reasons why the systems sometimes fail to get the job done. If your air conditioner is failing the humidity test, these tips from the experts at Gentry Heating can help you stay cool and dry this summer.

How Air Conditioners Help Control Humidity

Air conditioners keep your home cool by using refrigerant to pull heat from the air. Because warm air retains more water vapor than cool air, moisture is drawn from the air during the process as well. The collected condensate is deposited into a pan that drains the liquid through a pipe to the outside. Any number of faulty components can impair the dehumidifying process, including leaking refrigerant, dirty filters and evaporator coils. The most cost-effective way to ensure proper operation is with regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. Seasonal inspections and tune-ups keep everything running properly and efficiently.

Too Big to Fail?

When it comes to effectively dehumidifying the air, system size matters. If your air conditioner tends to cycle on and off frequently, chances are that it’s too big for its boots. An oversized system may quickly lower the temperature in your home but may cycle off before household air is returned to the equipment for proper dehumidification. A too-small system, on the other hand, simply doesn’t have the muscle to get the job done. The air conditioner may run continually and still leave you feeling clammy and uncomfortable. Our savvy technicians can retrofit your system to the ideal size.

Is It Time to Replace?

If your cooling systems isn’t keeping you and your family cool and dry even when properly maintained, you may wish to consider replacing it with a new high-efficiency system. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners should consider replacement as a cost-effective solution if the system is more than ten years old. That’s because today’s high-tech systems operate with much better energy efficiency than their outdated counterparts. Many homeowners choose to replace their air conditioning when faced with a substantial AC repair as well.

You needn’t rely on guesswork to determine the right time to replace your current cooling system. Our HVAC professionals can conduct a cost analysis for you that will demonstrate whether or not you’ll save money over the long run by installing a new air conditioner. You’ll receive an accurate estimate that includes expected annual operating costs.

With more than 50 years of experience serving Hendersonville, NC and the surrounding communities, the professionals at Gentry Heating are experts when it come to battling summer heat & humidity. Whether you need maintenance service to amp up your AC’s humidity-combating properties or you’re looking to banish high humidity from your home forever with a new installation, contact us today for solutions guaranteed to keep you cool and comfortable for many summers to come.

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