During the summer months, homeowners in Asheville, NC spend hundreds of dollars to keep their homes cool and comfortable. An old air conditioning system could be unnecessarily keeping utility costs high operating like an energy hog. The newest split heating and cooling systems are designed with the highest level of efficiency for cost conscious consumers to enjoy.

About Split Heating and Cooling Systems

Heat pumps are also referred to as split heating and cooling systems. These heating and cooling units perform the dual functions of both heating and cooling a home but with the same set of equipment. The system has a switch that allows it to reverse functions. A typical system has a lifespan of 10 years because it is used to both heat and cool a home. The pump uses electricity to move heat from the indoor environment to the outdoors when it is in the cooling mode. In the heating mode, the pump moves heat from the outdoor environment to the inside of the house.

Energy Efficiency of Heating and Cooling Systems

Split heating and cooling systems are most efficient in moderate climates like that of North Carolina. In this type of environment, these systems are more efficient at cooling and dehumidifying than a typical air conditioner and are more efficient at heating than a typical furnace. Even homes without built in air ducts can enjoy the efficiency of a split heating and cooling system by way of a mini split ductless heating and cooling unit. These systems allow for zoned climate control in different areas set up through a home, which could result in even better efficiency and comfort.

How Much Money Could You Save?

According to the U.S. Department of energy, a high efficiency split heating and cooling system could save a typical homeowner 30 to 40 percent on the monthly costs of home heating and cooling. Technology in the heating and cooling field is advancing rapidly, with new innovations including absorption pumps, geothermal pumps and water source pumps, which may save homeowners even more money than a traditional air source split heating and cooling system.

If you are tired of paying high energy bills every month, upgrading to a more efficient heating and cooling system is an ideal way to keep money in your pockets. With an Energy Star high efficiency split heating and cooling system, your home will be a more comfortable and environmentally friendly place in which to live. For more information on an AC upgrade to your Asheville, NC home, call our team of professionals at Gentry Heating, Inc. any time.

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