In order to reap the benefits from energy savings, you need to invest in the most effective air conditioner for your home. In Waynesville, NC, the most effective is not always the most expensive. The most effective air conditioner installation takes many factors into consideration. These include:

• The age of the home.
• The size and number of rooms.
• The insulation currently in place or absent from the structure. 
• The climate of the area.
• The type of structure such as Victorian, Georgian or other building. The walls, attic spaces, dormers and more are different from style to style.
• The amount of construction needed to install vents, grilles, ducts and more.
• How many stories the house has.

Gentry Heating, Inc., is an experienced AC service company that will take all these factors and more into consideration for your home and budget. 

Obviously, the most effective unit for your next air conditioner installation is one that cools/heats and dehumidifies the air to provide maximum comfort with minimal energy use. There are many new technologies on the market today that allow homeowners to tailor the home’s AC service. This allows the homeowner to reach the goal of saving money on the utility bills. 

Residential zoning is one of the new technologies available today. It can be combined with your air conditioner installation. Motorized dampers with thermostats are inserted into the ducting system to turn rooms or areas into zones. There are dampers for vents as well. The thermostats send information to a master control panel. The user programs the unit to open or close the dampers to shut off AC service to the room or area. When everyone goes to work or school, the system does not waste energy keeping the rooms cool. This system does not add a significant amount to the installation costs. It does save money for the homeowner. 

Home automation is saving money across the nation. This can also be part of your air conditioner installation. Curtains, windows, doors, security system, lights and more are wired to a master panel. The owner programs the panel to run the home’s systems. Curtains open or close to limit or take advantage of heat gain from the sun. Outside lights come on for security. Indoor lighting is also regulated to take advantage of sunlight. Your entertainment center comes on to give the impression you are home already. The oven turns on to cook your dinner before you get home. You can program the system from your smart phone or computer as well. If you lock yourself out, or need a friend to get into your home, you can unlock the door without leaving work. 

Many other new technologies are available for your home. Gentry Heating, Inc., is ready to provide expert AC service for your home. Their experienced staff can explain all the new products and systems you can choose from for your home. The money saved by investing in the best system for your home will pay for the unit and the installation over time. With proper maintenance, it will keep saving for years to come.

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