Do you hate the dry feeling your hair and skin get during the winter months? Your furnace is the main source of the problem. Although gas heating is great for obtaining optimum temperature levels in your home, it can have a dramatic effect on the relative humidity. The ideal RH for a residence is between 30 and 50 percent, but your heating system can cause it to decline to less than 15 percent. However, a furnace humidifier can help you to conquer these comfort problems.

How Does a Furnace Humidifier Work?

A humidification unit simply introduces moisture back into your airstream. You need a source of water and a system to infuse that water into the surrounding air. However, you need some control over how much water is dispersed so that you don’t end up with excessive humidity levels. A humidifier works with special controls to evaluate the RH in your home. When levels drop, the system operates to raise the RH.

There are different types of humidifiers to consider. Each must be installed to coordinate with your ducts and your furnace. The delivery method varies for each type of humidifier. Both fan and bypass humidifiers use evaporative principles to raise humidity levels. Just as an evaporative cooler uses a moisture pad to cool the air in a home, an evaporative humidifier allows air to pass through a moisture pad to adjust the RH in your airstream. In a fan model, the unit contains its own fan to blow air through the moisture pad. In a bypass system, return and supply pressures are used to move part of the airstream through the pad so that moisture can be added to the flowing air.

A steam operated system works differently, using a steam canister and electrodes to turn water to steam. The steam is released into the airstream and moves through the ducts to humidify the home. It’s important to exercise caution when inspecting a steam unit because equipment can be extremely hot, posing the risk of burns to the handler.

Is it Difficult to Install a Humidifier?

Although the installation of a humidification unit can be completed in a short time period, it is important to understand HVAC configurations and principles in order to avoid damaging your system. It’s always best to work with a technician who is certified and experienced with the equipment to limit the risk of damage or injury related to your system. Additionally, your work is guaranteed when you work with a licensed contractor like Gentry Heating, ensuring that you can count on the job being done correctly.

Your selection of the right humidifier can ensure that your home is comfortable during the winter months. You can also save money by using humidification equipment. When your RH is maintained at optimum levels, you feel warmer at lower temperatures. This means that you can save money on your energy bills during the heating season. Contact our Asheville, NC team to get an estimate or to learn more about humidification solutions for your home.

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