Forced-air cooling systems use a network of air ducts to circulate cool and comfortable air through homes and businesses in Columbus, NC. While central air is an effective cooling solution for many structures, it can be expensive to incorporate additional rooms into the system. When it comes to choosing an air conditioner for rooms like an enclosed porch, an attached garage, workshop or an outbuilding, many people think a window air conditioner is their only choice. Ductless AC systems installed by the professionals at Gentry Heating can offer a better alternative.

How Ductless Cooling Systems Work

Instead of routing conditioned air through ductwork, ductless systems deliver air directly into indoor living spaces. An outdoor unit houses most of the system’s components. Slender pipes filled with refrigerant and electrical wiring connect the outdoor unit to an indoor air handler. The slim, unobtrusive indoor blower looks similar to an air vent. Unlike window units, the air handler can be installed on any exterior wall or even in the floor or ceiling. The blower can be operated by either a remote control or a wall monitor. It’s a simple, affordable and elegant way to keep any room cool and comfortable.

Ductless System Advantages and Benefits

Window air conditioners not only block views but can compromise the privacy and security of your home or business as well. Ductless AC installation is non-intrusive. The small hole that connects the outdoor and indoor components is concealed behind the air handler. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced Comfort and Control. Instead of the single thermostat that controls the temperature of the entire structure, ductless systems let you set the ideal temperature for a specific space.
  • Cost Savings. Up to 35 percent more energy-efficient than window units, ductless systems quickly pay for themselves through saving on your monthly energy bills.
  • Quiet Operation. Because most of the equipment is installed outside your home, ductless units are whisper-quiet. Lack of conventional ductwork means that noise doesn’t rumble through the entire building when the air handler cycles on.
  • High-Tech Controls. Remote operation offers you the convenience of controlling the unit from a busy workstation or from the comfort of your favorite easy chair. Optional features like timers save you money by allowing you to set the device to operate only when the room is in use.

With over five decades of experience serving Columbus, NC and the surrounding communities, Gentry Heating is the company to call for single room AC solutions for your home or business. We ensure that our skilled HVAC technicians are well-trained in all the latest technological innovations so that you always enjoy the optimal level of comfort at work and home.  Please give us a call for additional information.

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