Unlike conventional heating systems like furnaces that burn fuel to generate heat, heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air or ground and moving it to another location. Powered by electricity, they work by cycling refrigerant through the system, much as your refrigerator or freezer does millions of times each day. Just as an air conditioner can cool your indoor air even in a sweltering hot Hendersonville NC summer, a heat pump from Gentry Heating can keep your home warm and cozy in cold weather.

Cost-Effective Heating Solutions

A heat pump in Hendersonville NC is not only effective at home heating but an option that can significantly reduce your heating costs as well. Because the unit’s refrigerant operates within a closed-loop system, it’s a self-sustaining solution. There’s no fuel to buy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these energy-efficient heat pumps can provide heat energy equal to four times the amount of the energy that it takes to run them.

Versatile Heating Options

Heat pumps don’t just move heat but concentrate it as well. When the temperature outside falls to 40 degrees, a heat pump in Hendersonville NC can raise the heat to 100 degrees or more. In a typical system, most of the equipment is housed outdoors in a single unit. Some models are designed to hook up with existing ductwork and others come with their own air handler system. Whether your home has ductwork or not, needs either a heating and cooling system or both, there’s a pump that will work for you.

The two most popular types of pumps are air-source and ground-source devices. The former pulls heat from the air while the latter draws up heat from beneath the surface of the earth. Air-source pumps work effectively in Hendersonville NC when temperatures rarely drop below freezing. Some air-source pumps are hybrid devices that work with a back-up heating system for the cold months when temperatures outside are extreme.

Geothermal Pumps

Because geothermal pumps require the installation of loops of liquid-filled pipe, they have a higher upfront cost than air-source pumps. As a renewable energy heating system, however, they qualify for the federal residential renewable energy tax credit, which pays for up to 30 percent of installation costs. Even without the tax credit, ground-source equipment can pay for itself through savings on monthly energy bills. Geothermal pumps can cut your utility bills by as much as 70 percent.

With 40 years of experience serving our neighbors in Hendersonville, Gentry Heating is pleased to offer effective, reliable and long-lasting heating systems for homes and businesses in your community. No matter what your heating challenges may be, our skilled technicians can help you select the heat pump option best for you.

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