Skyland, NC is a beautiful place to live. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Skyland, NC has a unique and varied culture. With the nearby town of Asheville, residents of Skyland have lots of culture and entertainment at their fingertips. However, winters in this part of North Carolina can be extremely cold due to the high elevation. In many cases, a new heating system installation in Skyland, NC can be a great way to save money. The experts at Gentry Heating, Inc. can provide you with top-notch installation service. The following guide explores the many benefits and advantages of a new heating system installation.

It’s important to understand how furnaces and heating systems have evolved over the past few decades. In the past, there were fewer regulatory requirements that heating system manufacturers had to meet. Because of this, many older heating systems had very low energy efficiency ratings.

With a new heating system installation, it’s possible for a homeowner to save money and promote a green environment. Since most new heating systems must comply with Energy Star guidelines, it’s possible to estimate one’s annual heating bills before purchasing a new system. This can be a great way to estimate one’s potential cost savings against the price of a new heating system.

In addition, new heating systems are equipped with a variety of safety mechanisms to ensure safe usage. In some cases, older propane heating systems and gas furnaces can release carbon monoxide through improper combustion. While a carbon monoxide detector will alert a homeowner to the presence of carbon monoxide, it’s a good idea to have a heating system that can shut down on its own. This can be an effective way to avoid carbon monoxide exposure.

In addition, modern heating systems can be equipped to use a variety of different fuel sources. For example, many homes in North Carolina rely on heating oil instead of natural gas or propane. Due to lower prices in this area, heating oil is usually the cheapest way for an individual to heat his or her home. With a new heating system, it’s possible to leverage improved efficiency to save money.

In addition, a new heating system can be installed with a smart thermostat to monitor energy use in a home. For example, many people leave their thermostat set to the same temperature all winter long. While can be an effective way to ensure a comfortable home, lots of energy is wasted by heating a home when it is empty.

Smart thermostats use a special motion detector to sense when a home is empty. When a home is empty, the thermostat will automatically set itself to a lower temperature. While this lower temperature will prevent frozen pipes, it may be cooler than what is comfortable for a homeowner. When a homeowner returns, the thermostat will automatically raise the temperature in a home back to a comfortable level. This can be a great way to save money.

When looking for heating system installation in Skyland, NC, it’s a good idea to go with a team that has years of experience. Contact Gentry Heating, Inc. for assistance with one’s heating system installation needs.

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