Duct and Furnace Noises It’s normal to hear regular operating noise from your heating system, and a system that runs smoothly tells you everything is operating as it should be. However, duct and furnace noise outside the norm should be cause for concern. If you hear any of the following HVAC system noises this winter, use this guide to understand what the noises might mean.

Pops and Rattles

Ducts that are installed well don’t make much noise at all. Without moving mechanical parts, why would they make noise? Aging ducts and ducts that weren’t installed correctly are a different matter. Seals fail and the metal-on-metal duct joints loosen and begin to rattle. Leaky ducts means you’re paying to heat the attic or basement. You can seal loose ducts with metal tape.

Ducts will also make popping and banging noises. As cold ducts are heated by the furnace, they expand and make the “pop” sound from the stress. If the noise becomes too annoying, you may apply foam board to help absorb the sound.

Rumble or Grumble

A furnace that’s rumbling or grumbling needs some TLC this winter. A low-pitched rumbling or grumbling when the furnace is off indicates the pilot needs adjusting. The same rumbling or grumbling while the furnace is running indicates dirty or faulty gas burners and/or heat exchanger. The furnace should be inspected to ensure safety and efficient home heating.

Scraping or Grinding

Hopefully, you won’t hear scraping or grinding noises from the heating system this winter. If you do, the furnace blower motor needs to be inspected. Scraping and grinding occur when bearings are worn or the blower motor is failing. It’s possible the motor just need lubrication. If you see oil ports on the blower motor (not all motors require oiling), lubricate it according to manufacturer specifications. If that does not stop the scraping and grinding, call your trusted HVAC technician.

If you hear unusual or new duct and furnace noise and you’re not sure what to do, give the friendly professionals at Gentry Heating Inc. a call ASAP. We’re always happy to help with all of your Asheville area home comfort needs!

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