Extending the Life of an HVAC SystemYour heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is responsible for the comfort you enjoy within the home. Extending the life of an HVAC system requires proper maintenance by professionals — not to mention your own efforts.

There are several tasks you can perform that’ll save you time, money and a service call down the road, while also extending the life of your HVAC system.

Let the Air Flow Throughout Your Home

Most modern HVAC systems are closed, meaning that all interior doors should be left open so conditioned air can flow freely and circulate throughout the home. All registers, grills and vents need to be clear for this to happen. Avoid closing doors when possible, and keep registers free of obstructions like furniture or drapery

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Changing (or cleaning permanent) filters on a regular schedule will ensure dust, dirt and allergens are removed from the air. This keeps debris out of your HVAC components, which helps eliminate the threat of buildup that can cause your system to work harder and wear down more quickly. Extending the life of an HVAC system means keeping all working parts moving smoothly.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Free From Debris

The outdoor unit must also be kept free of leaves and other debris. You can clean these coils by hand or with a garden hose that has low water pressure.

A discharge pipe, usually PVC, runs outside to that unit. It should be kept free and unfrozen. This can become an expensive repair should it come to that.

Conduct a Preventative Maintenance Inspection

To ensure a long life for your HVAC system, filters should be replaced every 90 days unless you live in a dusty area where you need to change it more often. Discharge lines should be checked periodically during the colder months and registers kept clear all of the time. A preventative maintenance inspection is a good idea before each change of season.

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