While the temperatures in Asheville, North Carolina, are still warm during the daytime, autumn has officially arrived. And that means homeowners will soon start turning on their heating system to stay warm, especially at night. To ensure energy efficiency and maximized comfort, take these steps to prepare your home for the heating season.

Change Your Heating System’s Air Filter

The last thing you want to find out when temperatures become cold is that your heating system doesn’t work. In addition to making sure your heater has a new air filter, now’s also the time to turn it on and give it a test run. Is it blowing cold air? Is it making any strange sounds? If so, you might need to repair or replace it right away.

Adjust the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

There’s no doubt a ceiling fan can add style to an otherwise boring room with white walls. But many homeowners also underestimate a ceiling fan’s power to help create a comfortable environment and lessen your heater’s workload.

During the winter, your ceiling fan blades should rotate in a clockwise direction. This will help redistribute warm air that has naturally risen to the ceiling. Remember, though, that it’s a waste of energy to run a ceiling fan in an empty room.

Invest in a Humidifier For Your Asheville Home

With colder weather comes dryer air, which can result in dry skin, chapped lips and an uncomfortable home. When used correctly, a humidifier can also help you prevent these other problems from happening in your Asheville home.

  • The spread of airborne viruses
  • Higher than normal energy bills
  • Seasonal allergy symptoms
  • Static electricity and damage to wood

Remember to Use Your Thermostat Wisely

For every degree that you lower your thermostat during the winter, you reduce your energy costs by about two percent. So if you keep your home at 68 degrees rather than 73 degrees this winter, you can expect to save about 10 percent on your utility bills. Lowering the temperature when you aren’t at home or while you’re sleeping will reduce your heating bills even more. If you forget to lower the thermostat manually, a programmable or smart thermostat can help.

Schedule Professional Heater Maintenance

As with any other mechanical device that you rely on, including your vehicle, your heater needs regular maintenance. Although an upfront investment, it’ll pay for itself by decreasing energy bills, reducing costly repairs and prolonging your system’s life. When you forgo professional maintenance, you also increase the risk of a heater breakdown.

During professional heater maintenance, a service technician will:

  • Adjust the burner assembly and blower components
  • Test the starting capabilities and safety controls
  • Clean all components and lubricate all moving parts
  • Measure for correct air flow and temperature differences
  • Apply a protective coating to the outdoor unit

If you’re committed to maintaining your heating system regularly, you might also consider investing in a preventive maintenance plan. Here’s how you benefit by taking this extra step to ensuring your heater is taken care of.

  • Gain a 15-percent discount on heating repairs
  • Enjoy a 5-percent discount on new heater installations
  • Receive priority service for unexpected breakdowns
  • Never accrue overtime charges or inflated pricing
  • Transfer your agreement and call us 24/7

The coldest months of the year can cost you hundreds of extra dollars in energy if your home isn’t prepared for it. To prevent your heating bills from skyrocketing this winter, contact Gentry Heating, Inc. at 828-581-4045 for professional heater maintenance. Our service technicians will make sure your system is ready to handle the upcoming workload.

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